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"volume one scene 1"

All wet with Cookie and Star,
3 scenes,
1st scenes they wear white dress and red dress,
2nd scene they wear BJ skirt/black sweater and black jeans w/white T under black long jacket,
3rd scene they wear Blue Jeans, black LS top and white shirt under bj jacket.


425mb 31:50

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"volume one scene 2"

Pool Play with Rochelle and Peggy,
3 scenes
1st scene wearing a long white dress over white tights and black sweater/red skirt,
2nd scene Red pantssuit/white blouse and Black Suit w/red blouse.
3rd scene Both girls wear Blue Jeans, green ls top w/bj vest over it and vilet top w/bj vest under a white bj jacket, all scenes in pool area


528mb 39:34

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"volume one scene 3"

Wet and Wild with Dawn, Star & Laura,
3 scenes,
1st scene they wear a light blue dress a red dress and a dark blue shiny dress, they slowly get wet then play in pool
2nd scene they all wear blue jeans, white sweater on one, ls pattern shirt under pink sweater and ls pattern top under bj vest.
3rd scene orange top/skirt combo, black skirt/white ls top and black skirt/biege long sleeve top. all 3 scenes playing with hose and pool play.


669mb 50:12

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"volume two scene 1"

Tub Time with Jan and Eve,
2 scenes,
1st scene they play inside large raft inside house wearing black jeans w/a white fancy blouse under a green jacket and blue jeans w/red top under a grey ls shirt, they move to the bathtub to finish.
2nd scene they wear Long Black dresses in the Bath Tub abd Shower.


199mb 14:50

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"volume two scene 2"

Tabitah and BJ,
3 scenes,
1st scene one girl wears grey ls top under a pink sweater/black skirt in the shower, followed by other girl in Pink sweater and grey Skirt
2nd scene they both wear Blue Jeans, one has on red ls shirt, other has on red/black striped ls shirt is shower.
3rd scene,the girls are outside near a large garbage can filled with water, they take turns geting into can wearing blue jeans, a pink t-shirt and a striped t-shirt, then they dance under the hose.


550mb 41:14

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"volume two scene 3"

Car Wash Blues
Natalie and Terra
the girls have a water fight at a spray car wash wearing blue Jeans,a purple ls sweater and a White ls top.They then move to a creek wearing same clothes and play in the creek.


327mb 24:27

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"volume two scene 4"

Tanya is up the Creek,
2 scenes,
1st scene tanya plays in a creek wearing blue jeans and a tan ls shirt.
2nd scene, tanya enjoys a bath wearing a long dark blue summer dress,


279mb 20:55

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"volume two scene 5"

Crystal"s Levi Bath
3 scenes,
1st scene she wears blue jeans a ls tan shirt under a bj vest int the tub,
2nd scene she wears a light cream colored long summer dress in the tub,
3rd scene she wears a thick velour long brown dress in shower.


168mb 12:56

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"volume three scene 1"

Sugar is so Sweet,
2 scenes,
1st scene she plays in a kiddy pool wearing blue jeans a black sweater and cowboy boots,
2nd scene she has water baloons tossed at her wearing blue jeansand a red tank top.


280mb 20:56

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"volume three scene 2"

Pooling Around,
Diane and Jenifer,
1st scene they wear white top w/black jacket and red leather skirt and long green dress w/green jacket,
2nd scene they wear Blue jeans, a white long sleeve shirt and a violet ls top playing by pool.


425mb 31:50

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"volume three scene 3"

Natalie and Terra in The Race,
2 scenes,
1st scene the girls play on the slip and slide wearing blue jeans and purple ls top and blu jean overalls w/white ls sweater they move to the pool next
2nd scene they have a pie fight then toss each other in pool, one wears a black tank top and blue jeans while the other wears light blue pants and a tan ls top.


508mb 38:06

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"volume three scene 4"

Wash Me with Jade and Candy,
the girls Enjoy the bath tub washing each other candy is wearing blue jeans and a fancy lace black top, while jade wears black jeans a short sleeve blue shirt under a sparkly vest


202mb 15:04

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"volume three scene 5"

Those Shoes,
A short clip showing few girls showing off their wet shoes in a pool stairway ($1.99)


72mb 5:14

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"volume four scene 1"

Cool Fun with April, Lori and JJ
2 scenes,
1st scene the girls get wet by side of pool then inside, lori is wearing black jeans and black tank top with a violet ls short over it, jj is wearing a denum dress and april is wearing a red dress
2nd scene lori is wearing a purple full length gown,jj is wearing a green dress and april is wearing blue jeans and a gold camisole they get wet slowly on pool steps.


440mb 32:58

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"volume four scene 2"

At the Lake with Melinda and Dee,
The girls play in the creek, both gorls are wearing blue jeans, one girls wears a black tank top while the other wears a grey patterned t-shirt


199mb 14.47

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"volume four scene 3"

Wild Bunch with sweet pea blossom and luscious,
2 scenes,
1st scene the girls are washing the Car all 3 girls wear blue jeans, blossom has on a tan ls shirt, sweet pea wears a red tank top w/bj jacket over it and luscious wears black tank top with bj jacket over it, blossom leaves for a short period and comes back to get wet again wearing ls cream shirt and new Blue jeans.
2nd scene all 3 girls take turns getting wet in a kiddie pool, sweet pea wears a cream pant suit with white t, blossom wears blue jeans and awhite/red t-shirt while luscious wears a long denum skirt with white camisole.


342mb 25.39

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"volume four scene 4"

Ahoy Mate with Candy and Diana
2 scenes,
1st scene the girls play on a raft in the pool dressed like pirates
2nd scene candy is wearing a gold ls top and black jeans, Diana is wearing blue jeans and a grey sweatshirt, they play in pool.


508mb 32:15

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"volume five scene 1"

the wild Bunch Returns! with sweet pea, blossom and 2 unknown girls.
2 scenes,
1st scene 4 girls play in the pool decked out in cowboy clothes
2nd scene Again 4 girls get wet in the pool slowly one at a time wearing blue jeans and blur jean jackets and vests.


275mb 20:37

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"volume five scene 2"

Kitty's all Wet,
2 scenes,
1st scene Kitty gets slowly wet by the pool using a cup then into pool wearing blue jeans, a red t-shirt under a ls plaid shirt
2nd scene Kitty plays in a sprinkler in the yard wearing black jeans a white T under a BJ ls shirt.


263mb 19:09

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"volume five scene 3"

sc3 with AJ,
AJ enjoys the cool pool wearing blue jeans, a white t-shirt and a grey bj vest.


117mb 8:41

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"volume five scene 4"

A Red Shower
Red enjoys an indoor shower wearing black jeans, a white sweater under a black vest then she plays in tub.


186mb 13:53

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"volume five scene 5"

Creekin Out with Blossom and Sweet pea
2 scenes
1st scene bothgirls play in the creek wearing blue jeans and ls jeans type tops over red and black t-shirts
2nd scene- the girls play in the driveway with squirt guns, water balloons and buckets of water wearing blue jeans, sweetpea has on a white blouse white blossom wears a light blue top


354mb 26:29

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"volume five scene 6"

Free for All with Eviawn and Belle
Belle Starts off on the slip and slide then moves to the pool wearing blue jeans, a black top with a jeans jacket over it, Eviawn soon joins her in the pool wearing blue jeans and a white sleeveless top.


158mb 11:49

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"volume seven scene 1"

Sweet Pea is Dressin Up
3 scenes
1st scene- sweet pea slowly gets wet in pool wearing a dark blu office dress,
2nd scene she changes into a thich long brown dress.
3rd scene- she changes into a blackhaltor top an a long light blue skirt


279mb 20:50

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"volume seven scene 2"

Formal event with Eviawn and Belle
Belle Shows up wearing a cream colored bridesmaid dress she gets in the pool to see how it looks wet, evian likes it so much she changes into her Red gown and swims in it.


256mb 19:09

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"volume seven scene 3"

Vixon is the Devil with the Blue Dress on
Vixon Enjoys the pool on a Hot Day wearing a full length dark blue gown with layered skirt


173mb 12:56

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"volume seven scene 4"

Wet Leather with vixon and Sweet pea
the girls cool off on a hot day, vixon is wearing black leather pants, a red top with black leather vest over it covered by a Lonf leather coat and leather gloves Sweet pea is wearing black leather chaps, a red ls top with a black leather vest.,


287mb 21:27

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"volume seven scene 5"

A Romp in the Mud-Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea Has fun playing in the mud wearing a long thick black Dress.


192mb 14:19

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"volume Eight scene 1"

Indoor Fun with Candi and Vixon
2 scenes
1st scene-the girls get wet slowly in an indoor hotel pool candi is wearing fedwd blue jeans and a white heavy long sleeve top, Vixon wears dark blue jeans and a white blouse with a black jacket over it.
2nd scene- the girls change into white and black dresses and enjoy the hot tub then moving into the pool.


435mb 32:37

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"volume Eight scene 2"

xmas pajama party
This Scene is in the regular ppv page, it is a double length scene and costs more. To see click here


"volume Eight scene 3"

The Baptism
Vixen plays host to a baptism party at the pool and her subjects are Candi, Alexis, and Eviawn. All the girls must individually wade into the pool and be completely submersed in their fully clothed outfits.they then enjoy the cool water and play


265mb 19:48

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"volume Eight scene 4"

Ice Age with Candi
Here is one for the winter as Candi does this for you polar bear people. She actually goes out in the pool in February with over an inch of ice covering the pool and punches thru the ice cover and climbs into the cold water below. She does this in three different outfits of jeans and heavy winter coats with boots. Candi does have guts..


204mb 15:24

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"volume Eight scene 5"

Mask'Erade- with candi and Sweet Pea
Shot asa Custom, Candi and Sweet Pea climb into the tub wearing white cotton shirts and bikini bottoms and sunshine in full sheer pajamas. Both girls have bare feet. They also play act around in diving masks and have a great time just being their silly selves.($2.99).


132mb 10:07

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"volume nine scene 1"

Drenched- with Autumn and alexis
Join new girl Autumn as she and Alexis find out how fun the hot tub in the hotel can be when fully clothed in tight jeans. No one should miss the steamy shower scene with the two girls gently washing each other clothes and Alexis even shampoos Autumn's long brown hair..


249mb 18:35

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"volume nine scene 2"

Drenched 2 with Tia, Dixie and Birdie
Tia and Dixie start off in a water gun fight later soaking birdie too, then all 3 girls jump in pool and play in pool wearing blue jeans outfits, they remove their jackets and vests and put them back on during shoot.


300mb 22:25

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"volume Nine scene 3"

2 for the Creek- Alexis and Natalie
Alexis starts off getting slowly wet in shallow creek wearing blue jeans and a grey long sleele top, Natalie soon koins her wearing blue jeans and a white office type blouse.


225mb 16:51

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"volume Nine scene 4"

A Jeans Swim-with Candi and Erica
Here you can see veteran Candi as she teaches the ropes of wetlook in the pool to new girl Erika, absolutely a knockout in her wet jeans long Hair and white blouse.


306mb 22:54

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"volume Nine scene 5"

Lynn loves that Water
New Girl Lynn does a solo in the pool and can turn on the charm under the shower in the pool where her LEI jeans just glisten in the sunlight and her White cotton blouse just clings to her body soaked with moisture.


279mb 20:54

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