Volume 8

Scene 2 – the Pajama Party with Diana, Sweet Pea and Eviawn – is available to purchase as Pay-Per-View.


Scene one Here comes Candi and Vixen as they arrive at the motel pool on their holiday. Vixen dares Candi to test the water and she is up to the challenge and then it is Vixens turn. Both girls are wearing jeans in this shot with shoes.
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Scene two “It'a a Pajama Party!” It's holiday season and rockin around the Christmas tree is Diana, Sweet Pea, and Eviawn all in their silky pajamas and finding out that Santa has brought them toys for the pool. Without delay the girls can't wait to test out their new toys and that means diving right into the water in those sheer pajamas and robes. Later all three girls change into jean outfits and continue the swim session
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Scene three “The Baptism” Vixen plays host to a baptism party at the pool and her subjects are Candi, Alexis, and Eviawn. All the girls must individually wade into the pool and be completely submersed in their fully clothed outfits.
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Scene four “Ice Cold” Here is one for the winter as Candi does this for you polar bear people. She actually goes out in the pool in February with over an inch of ice covering the pool and punches thru the ice cover and climbs into the cold water below. She does this in three different outfits of jeans and heavy winter coats with boots. Candi does have guts.
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Scene five “Mask' Erade” Candi and Sweet Pea climb into the tub wearing white cotton shirts and bikini bottoms and sunshine in full sheer pajamas. Both girls have bare feet. They also play act around in diving masks and have a great time just being their silly selves.
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