Volume 44

Liquid Ladies volume 44 is out now on DVD. Visit our store to obtain your copy. Video from volume 44 is available at the Pay-Per-View store.

Watch the trailer to volume 44 (3:10), wmv format:



Scene one “Leah-in a Dress” Leah in her very first wetlook shoot enjoys the hot tub wearing a long brown dress and a wrap around white dress Blouse over it.
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Scene two “Coin Diving” The girls Attempt to retrieve coins in the Pool (includung the deep end, wearing blue jeans and black shoes, shawna wears a pink torn top (that turns red)over a white shirt while Jocylyn wears a long sleeve red v-neck top. they try to see who can get the most coins first.
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Scene three “Food Color Fun” Both Girls wearing all white outfits start breaking water balloons filled with colored water over each other, when that runs out they just start attacking each other directly with the colors without the balloons .
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Scene four “Rachel in Reno” Red head Rachel enjoys a small pool wearing blue jeans and a light blue t-shirt that goes darker when wet, she then moves to the truckie river for some fun..
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Scene five “Shower Sisters” Shawna and Dawn enjoy a nice indoor shower, Shawna wears blue jean and a striped long sleeve top while Dawn wears tan slacks, a white short sleeve blouse with a long sleeve tan shirt over it.
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Scene Six “Fun Tub” Zee and new Girl Rene have fun in a hotel bathtub playing splashing water and washing each others hair, both girls wear blue jeans, zee wears a brown camisole with a long sleeve patterned dress shirt over it, rene wears a white t-shirt with a brown long sleve v-neck shirt over it and a LONG tan sweater.
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Volume 44 is 1 hour 36 minutes long. It is now available on DVD , and on the Pay-per-view site as separate full-length clips.

This site contains no nudity.