Volume 31

Liquid Ladies volume 31 is out now on DVD. Visit our store to obtain your copy. Video from volume 31 is available at the Pay-Per-View store.

Watch the trailer to volume 31 (3:10), DivX format:



Scene one "Babys New tub" Baby tries out the new hot tub wearing gray jeans and a white T-shirt with skulls on it over a long sleeve black shirt, and white socks.
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Scene two “Basic 501 Wet” Aurelia, in her first shoot with Liquid Ladies, tries out the hot tub wearing a purple long sleeve sweater and 501 blue jeans with white socks.
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Scene three “Black Sand Beach ” Danni and Night Angel are wearing matching long and short Hawai’ian summer dresses on a black sand beach; they play around on the beach in the surf.
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Scene four “Snow White” Baby Enjoys a Shower wearing a white t-shirt and white pants.
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Scene five “Shower Fun” Alisha decides to take a shower to relax, wearing a black skirt suit outfit with a thin white dress blouse under a jacket and black high heeled shoes. Danni stumbles onto her and decides to join her in the large shower wearing a red shirt, a silk red patterned skirt and black boots. They wash each other’s hair.
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Scene six “Wrangler outfit #4” This is the last in a four-part series of Jodi wearing cowboy outfits. She starts off in the driveway and sticks a hose down the front of her jeans and slowly wets her outfit with the hose, then she moves onto the horse trough and submerges herself and plays. Jodi is wearing Levis jeans with a tan shirt over a pink T, with a vanilla-colored cowboy jacket over that and tan fancy cowboy boots and a tan cowboy hat.
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Volume 31 is 1 hour 46 minutes long. It is now available on DVD , and on the Pay-per-view site as separate full-length clips.

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