Volume 25

Liquid Ladies volume 25 is out now on DVD. Over 700 images on the photo CD! Visit our store to obtain your copy. Video from volume 25 is available at the Pay-Per-View store.

Watch the trailer to volume 25 (3:23), DivX format:



Scene one “Jodi Shower” Jodi slowly gets soaked in large shower wearing blue jeans and a white dress top that goes transparent when wet. This set is a real treat for wet hair lovers.
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Scene two “Where’s the Lights?” Steffie, Simone and Danni are at an indoor pool at night and there’s no lights on. They slowly get into the hot tub then move to the pool and play. All three girls wear blue jeans; Steffie has on a long sleeve grey t-shirt, Simone wears a grey sweat jacket with a hood and Danni wears a half-sleeve brown shirt.
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Scene three “Back together again” The two friends Night Angel and Alexis are reunited again and have a bath and shower together. Night Angel is wearing a sparkle black party dress while Alexis wears a long dark flower patterned summer dress.
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Scene four “Soothing Shower” Tanya gets in the shower and washes her hair wearing red pants that darken nicely and a sleeveless black top, and then lies back in the bath.
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Scene five “Rockin’ Robin” Another great shoot from Robin, wearing jeans and a jean jacket, and a grey tanktop underneath with open toed heels. I kinda made her the star of her own video as she lip syncs thru most of it, and really is quite good at it. Lots of wet hair in this one!! As well as playing with the ice bucket...with ice!!
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Scene six “Casual Swim” Natalie decides to go for a swim wearing her jammie type purple pants and dark blue t-shirt. She goes in pool for a while then into the hot tub, and back to the pool.
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Volume 25 is approximately 1 hour 15 minutes long. It is now available on DVD and photo CD, and on the Pay-per-view site as separate full-length clips.

This site contains no nudity.