Volume 24

Liquid Ladies volume 24 is out now on DVD. Over 580 images on the photo CD! Visit our store to obtain your copy. Video from volume 24 is available at the Pay-Per-View store.

Watch the trailer to volume 24 (3:16):



Scene one “Flooded Park Fun” Steffie and Zee are out in a local park after a heavy rainfall and play in and on the flooded grassways, splashing and rolling in the shallow water and grass having a ball. steffie is wearing a red sweatshirt with a hood and blue jeans while Zee wears black jeans and a black sweater.
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Scene two “Club house hottub” Fallon and Destiny are playing in and around their clubhouse hottub. Destiny is wearing a black t-shirt and a black cheerleader-type skirt with white cowboys boots. Fallon is wearing a black long sleeve shirt tied in front with a mid-length red skirt.
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Scene three “Dressed to kill” Fallon starts in the shower in her black party dress getting wet enjoying the shower, Destiny soon joins her wearing a red dress and a matching red ball cap, the the play around in the shower then in the tub together.
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Scene four “Prom night” Val gets into the shower wearing her full-length light blue prom gown; she slowly gets wet and her dress clings nicely as well as going semi-transparent. She winds up in the tub too.
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Scene five “Shower Power” Awna gets wet in the shower wearing blue jeans and a special torn black t-shirt, and long striped arm sleeves. She slowly wets herself and dances in the shower.
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Scene six “Childs Play” Val is in a kiddie pool in a bedroom wearing three layers of tops – a black tank top with a white dress shirt over it and a white sweater over that – and black socks and blue jeans. She slowly gets wet and takes off the sweater followed by the dress shirt ending in her black-t and jeans.
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Volume 24 is approximately 1 hour 39 minutes long. It is now available on DVD and photo CD, and on the Pay-per-view site as separate full-length clips.

This site contains no nudity.