Volume 23

Liquid Ladies volume 23 is out now on DVD. Over 580 images on the photo CD! Visit our store to obtain your copy. Video from volume 23 is available at the Pay-Per-View store

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Scene one "Clear Water" Val and Tanya decide to wade into the creek on a hot summer day. Val splashes Tanya which starts a small water fight. The girls frolic and play in the creek. Val is wearing a light-colored summer dress over jeans while Tanya is wearing a light blue long sleeve work shirt and blue jeans.
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Scene two "Everybody in the Pool" Fallon, Destiny, Rea and an unknown guest slowly go into their pool together and come back out to show off their wet jeans. They then jump in one by one, showing off their now soaked outfits. All four girls wear blue jeans. Fallon and Destiny are wearing black t-shirts, Rea is wearing a light blue tank top while the guest wears a light tan see-thru tank top with no bra.
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Scene three "Ahh, so Wet" Veteran girl Val and newcomer Robin decide to play in the creek. They goof around getting wetter by the minute in the shallows, splashing and trying to trip each other, both girls having a great time in the creek. Val is wearing blue coveralls over a red t-shirt under a blue jean long sleeve shirt which comes off during the shoot. Robin is wearing blue jeans and a black top with a white sweater over it which also comes off during the shoot.
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Scene four "Follow me in" We have Destiny, Rea and Fallon again, this time they are in the creek trying to keep cool. The girls walk in about a foot deep and then show you the nice change of shades of their pants. They then go back in and begin to splash and have fun together. Fallon is wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans, Destiny is wearing black pants and a long sleeve dress black shirt, and Rea is wearing grey pants and a tan t-shirt.
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Scene five "Lots of Suds" We have Val and Robin at the coin car wash this time. Both girls spray each other several times with the high pressure wands making their outfits nice and shiny. They then foam each other up with foam brush, followed by the rainbow foam guns, then a nice rinse off to clean off the foam. Val is wearing a light patterned long sleeve top over a black t and blue jeans, while Robin wears a black camisole with blue jeans.
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Scene six "Kerplunk" Tanya and Danni are poolside when they decide to cool off in the pool. They dip their feet into pool and splach water up on their legs. Then they decide to just walk right in! They have fun playing in the pool in their heavy clothes. Tanya is wearing a long blue jean skirt and red pattern summer top with a blue jean jacket over it. Danni is wearing a green t-shirt and blue jeans.
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Volume 23 is another all-jeans volume for the jeans at heart fan and is approximately 1 hour 55 minutes long. It is now available on DVD and photo CD, and on the Pay-per-view site as separate full-length clips.

This site contains no nudity.