Volume 22

Liquid Ladies volume 22 is out now on DVD. Almost 800 images on the photo CD! Visit our store to obtain your copy. Video from volume 22 is available at the Pay-Per-View store

Watch the trailer to volume 22 - 3:09 at 720×480:



Scene one "Cooling off" Billie J and Rea decide to have a tea party ... in the pool!! Billie J is wearing a long blue pattern skirt and a white short sleeve dress top and Rea is wearing a long black skirt with a red T and a black jacket over it.
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Scene two "Summer Swim" Steffie and Simone decide to play on the various rafts in the pool having lots of fun. Steffie is wearing a black sweater which comes off during scene revealing a white dress t-shirt; Simone is wearing a white long-sleeved shirt which comes off to reveal a black camisole underneath. Both girls are wearing blue jeans.
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Scene three "Soaked to the Bone" Val and Tanya are by the side of the pool on a hot day, so they decide to cool off and have some fun together. They play in and by the pool enjoying themselves. Val is wearing a black t-shirt, tan pants and black loafers. Tanya is wearing light blue jeans, a tan long-sleeved top white socks and black ankle boots.
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Scene four "Play Time" April and Billie Jae are having a pushing match on the diving board -- April loses and in she goes. Billie Jae tries to help her out but gets pulled in too! So then the girls just enjoy the pool! Billie is wearing blue jeans and a long-sleeved red top; April is wearing dark torn jeans and a light pattern halter-style top.
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Scene five "Hot day" Fallon slowly gets wet, going in and out of pool very sexy like! Fallon is wearing blue jeans and a brown short-sleeved top.
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Scene six "Gushing water" Steffie and Danni take a trip out to Kentucky to visit the floor fountains. They play and get slowly wet, having fun in the mini jets. Steffie is wearing a brown t-shirt and blue jeans; Danni is wearing a sleeveless white T and blue jeans.
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