Volume 19: All 501 Levis

Enjoy Liquid Ladies Volume 19, solely dedicated to those of interest in wet jeans, particularly those who like sexy wet Levis, faded and darkened, upon immersion into the water. Volume 19 is out now on DVD. Over 1700 images on the photo CD! Video from volume 20 is available at the Pay-Per-View store.


Scene one “Poolside in Levi's” Kat and April nose dive into the pool. April, being patriotic, in her red, white, and blue outfit, while Kat wears bright yellow and blue. Notice how April looks in her Levis wet and ripping at the knees.
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Scene two “Summer Dip” On a warm, summer's day, Steffie and Night Angel look for something to do, and they find it in a kiddie pool filled with water. Still in their jeans, they dive right into horse play, and become soaking wet. Angel finds a wheelbarrel, and fills with water for more great wet fun.
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Scene three “First Time” Trish and Chloe go for a swim, wearing great looking Levis, and have lots of fun, and great picture shots of them playing on the airfloat pool toys.
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Scene four “Storm Poolparty” It's a poolparty for 3, when Steffie invites her girlfriends, Val, and Cindi, over for a swim, telling them they must wear their jeans for this party. Val wears traditional blue Levis, while Cindi goes in for the black 501's.
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Scene five “Nice 'n Wet” This is a mother/daughter combination, for this chapter in Liquid Ladies wetlook. It's Chloe and her daughter, Trish, taking to the pool in tight wet jeans, in the heat of the day, with both girls also keeping their sneakers on.
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Scene six “Super Wet” In the last scene, it don't get any better...uhhh, I mean wetter than Stiffie and Danni, taking the plunge into the pool, in simple faded blue Levis, and shimmering tops, along with Danni's bare feet.
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