Volume 18

Volume 18 is now out and available on DVD. Running time is approx. 1 hr. 55 minutes. Video from this volume is also available as pay-per-view.


Scene one A “Jewel in Jello” This is Jewel doing her first shoot with Liquid Ladies, and to match her hair she has chosen strawberry jello to play in. She wears blue jeans, and a green long sleeve sweatshirt in the soopy mix and then takes a rinse in the garden hose!
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Scene one B “Shower Power” Here is Jewel, again, all dressed up in a long blue dress, and is ready to take a shower outdoors in a man-made pond. With the dress, she wears blue hose and black flat shoes!!
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Scene two A “Tub Jam I” Baby and Danni reunite to do this hottub scene, with both girls dressed up, and Baby, in a black short dress, and knee high black boots, while Danni is in a grey business suit with slacks and sandals. What a life … drinking beer and relaxing in the tub fully clothed!
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Scene two B “Tub Jam II” Baby and Danni do a quick change of outfits, then return back to the tub, with Baby wearing a two-piece black leather outfit, and Danni wearing a black mid-length skirt with a slit up the side, and a red sleveless turtle-neck sweater!!
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Scene three “Just Chillin” Steffie and Night Angel, together in the tub, with Angel in a long pastel summer dress with sandals, and Steffie wears a mini dress with a sweater which comes off during the video. Lots of splashin' and playin' with two old favorites!
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Scene four “Apple Bobbing” It's not Halloween, but Lynn and Amanda find it fun to bob for apples, leaning over the tub in their clothes, and of course, you can't bob for apples without geting your front wet! So, gradually, the girls get wet, and then just slide all the way in, wearing blue jeans and tennis shoes with cotton long sleeve blouses!!
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Scene five “Wet Stuff” Kat and April are together for the first time, as the girls enjoy the fun of the water trough outside. Gradually getting each other wet with buckets of water, they soon just jump right in the cool trough, wearing blue jeans and striped shirt for April, while Kat wears jeans and a long sleeve cotton thin blouse, with black bra and sneakers!
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Scene six “Hot tub and shower” Steffie and Simone take a soak in the hot tub, and then move to the bath and shower. Steffie wears a dark blue sweater over a white long-sleeved t-shirt, and Simone wears a pastel blue fluffy sweater over a thin black sweater.

No video available of this scene.

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