Volume 17

Volume 17 is now out and available on DVD. Running time is approx. 1 hr. 55 minutes. Video from this volume is also available as pay-per-view.


Scene one “Ziggy’s Relaxing Soak” Ziggy is taking a clothed shower in cream colored frayed jeans with black boots and a shirt over a shirt that she removes during the video.
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Scene two Brandi and Diamond head for the motel hot tub with Brandi wearing blue jeans and spiked heel boots. Diamond wears business slacks and a red turtleneck sweater with flat shoes and socks. After heating themselves in the hot tub, they both take a quick swim in the indoor pool.
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Scene three “Dripping Wet” It's Night Angel and Alexis both reuniting for a tub and shower scene together. Both girls wear black skirts with thin see thru bouses. Angel is wearing clear hose while Alexis wears black stockings and no shoes.
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Scene four “A Little Bit O’ Soap” New girl April does a dynamite solo shot in the bath tub wearing tight 501 Levis jeans, black boots and a long sleeve red shirt which comes off half way thru the video.
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Scene five “Foul Play” Night Angel brings her friend Kat over to play in the balloon pool. Angel wears jeans, sneakers and a tank top, while Kat is in her feline blue stripped jeans, also wearing tennis shoes.
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Scene six “The Pits” Kat and Night Angel go from the clean pool water to some down and dirty wet fun in the mud pit. They both have so much fun in the warm mud and even do a mud wrestling contest for us. Angel wears tan pants, while Kat wears her favorite blue jeans. After the mud pit, they both wash each other off with the garden hose.
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