Volume 16

Volume 16 has something for everyone in it and is available now in High Quality DVD. Running time For this tape is approx. 1 hr and 50 minutes. Video from volume 16 is available at the Pay-Per-View store.


Scene one “Ye ole' swimming hole” Join our veteran girl Natalie from earlier (volume 2 at the carwash and creek) Now doing the creek thing again all by herself. She enjoys playing in the water in her tight faded Levis blue jeans and low neck black shortsleeve top along with casual flat shoes.
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Scene two “Untitled” With Vicky, Kayla and Anastasia: Untitled is the perfect choice of words for this scene as all three girls decide to dunk Anastasia on the raft and get her wet. Of course, Vicky and Kayla have to enter the water to flip Anastasia over, so if we get wet, you do too, they decide. All three girls are wearing blue jeans, while Anastasia wears a white belt and long sleeve white blouse with platform shoes and Kayla wears black boots and a black belt, with a jeans jacket and a long sleeve white blouse. Vicky goes barefoot wearing a cream color T-shirt.
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Scene three “Anastasia is Soaking” Anastasia stays around after the pool brawl and heads for the kiddy pool. This time dressed in tan pants and an off-the-shoulder white top, going barefoot. But then it is too cold and she decides to come inside and change clothes, but tempted by the warm bath, she decides to get wet again in an all red outfit. Pants, tube top and even a red cowboy hat!
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Scene four “Gone Fishing” Steffie and Night Angel decide to go fishing on a fall day at the lake, but Angel's hook is snagged in the water, so she wades in to release it, getting a little wet. Steffie sees that she needs help, and now both girls are in the lake, getting their lines free, and then the unexpected happens... the lines come loose, and the girls tumble into the lake, wearing their blue jeans, sweatshirts and sneakers. So, once wet, they decide to give up fishing and take up clothed swimming instead. A very funny scene to watch.
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Scene five “A New Experience” Alize is Liquid Ladies' newest girl who is part Asian and very pretty. She starts off in the water trough, wearing jeans, t-shirt, belt and black shoes, then decides to head to the swimming pool in another outfit. This being tan pants, black ankle boots and her original Hooters tank top where she once worked. Yes! She is an original Hooters Girl.
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Scene six “Good Morning” Zee, Night Angel and Steffie spend the night at the motel, and the next morning, they decide to take a shower to wake up, or climb into the room hot tub. Zee is wearing her long flannel bathrobe with light blue pajamas underneath, while Steffie wears a full length robe and striped pajamas. Night Angel has a red robe on and also wears cotton pajamas underneath. Soon the girls uh … disrobe and wear nothing but clinging pajamas in the hot tub as a morning excerise!
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