Volume 15

Enjoy the latest volume of Liquid Ladies for your collection on DVD. Total running time, 1 hr 50 min.


Scene one “Rock Island Falls” This is one not to miss with Danni and Steffie heading for the State Park Rock Island Falls and both girls play in the icy waterfalls. Even at late summer, the water is plenty chilly and you can tell by watching Danni. She wears sneakers with a plaid long sleeve shirt and tan pants, while Steffie is in a red sweatshirt and bluejeans.
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Scene two “Big Splash” Here we see Zee and Steffie in several scenes including a balloon fight and sitting in the water trough. Zee wears a long purple dress, and Steffie has on a full length red dress. After the water trough, it's off to the pool in another outfit.
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Scene three “Up The River Part 1” We are going on a canoe trip with Night Angel and Sandy, except the weather forecast called for a hard rain. It did. See the girls paddle down river in the canoe in the pouring rain wearing long jeans for Angel, and military fatiques for Sandy. They stop the canoes under a highway to stop and play.
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Scene four “Up the River Part 2” Well, the first river shoot could not be completed due to weather, so Night Angel, and this time, Steffie, embark on a four-hour, down river canoetrip. This time sucessfully. Great video of the two girls stopping along the route and playing in the water, and then take a break in wet clothes to dry off and have a picnic lunch, and then back to the river where Night Angel turns the canoe completely over and the girls plunge into the warm river.
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Scene five “Feels so Good” This is new girl, Kayla, together with Vicky, both having a good time with the garden hose and in the kiddy pool. Kayla wears tans pants and shoes, while Vicky is wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt.
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